Embracing Our New World

I'm sure you all are saying to yourselves, "where is he!?". I know I've been a little missing in action as of late, but reassured I'm still here! I'm just trying to get a handle on this "new norm" we're embarking on. With that being said, I hope you got the chance to come by to hang out with me and a great group of people on the platform known as Twitch for "Club Fantastic". If you haven't viewed my last post, I spin on Twitch EVERY Friday night for Club Fantastic, where you can hear the very best in hip hop, r&b, and everything in between. Weil, with the success of Friday nights, I've decided to create a semi weekly event called "R&B Saturday's". And its just as the title states, its everything R&B music! If you enjoy the genre, then this party is for YOU! Come by and log on to my twitch channel at FUDGE TWITCH every 1st and 3rd Saturday for the great vibes and great people! *As a footnote due to other obligations, I will be making up for the lost Oct 3rd date and bringing the party to Saturday Oct 10th! Tell a friend!

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